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D-Link DCH-S1621KT Wi-Fi Water Leak Sensor and Alarm Starter Kit


art leak detectors monitor the accurate condition of your assets. Some have audible alarms, while others use the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and wireless connectivity to send alerts in case of any leaks. These smart systems pinpoint the exact location of problems using water and temperature sensors.


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  • Avoid Costly Water Damage: Master Sensor Plug-in with a compact, waterproof Sensor Pod detects leaks; multi-alert system notifies you right away
  • Alerts include powerful LED strobe light, built-in 100dB alarm, mobile phone notifications, and voice alerts with Google speakers providing real-time notifications wherever you are
  • Easy Setup and Placement: Master Sensor Plug utilizes a 5-foot cord with an attachable 1.5-foot water-sensing cable. Wirelessly expand coverage in up to 16 susceptible areas like next to water heaters, washers, and under sinks with Sensor Pods
  • Master Sensor plugs into a wall socket and connects to your home WiFi. The remote Sensor Pods are powered by two AAA batteries.
  • Sensor Pod(s) leverage a Sub-Gigahertz band for greater coverage and connectivity in areas that WiFi cannot penetrate, like the basement
  • Whether it’s frozen pipes, a water heater that bursts, or a leaky washing machine, there are lots of reasons to protect your home against water damage. A smart water leak detector can identify leaks and send alerts to your phone, even when you’re away from home.